Sports Injury Clinic


Sports Therapy


Building on our methodology developed to work with high performance athletes, as Lead Practitioners in the London 2012 Olympics; our sports injury clinic aims to maximise performance and eliminate dysfunction for those athletes that have sustained an acute injury and/or are training through pain.

Ideal for athletes, gym-goers and those who enjoy running or taking part in marathons

Form Correction


Sustained an injury whilst working out in the gym?

Always wondered if you are performing certain exercises correctly?

We have trained professionals ready to assist you with correcting your form. They will let you know what exactly you are doing wrong and show you how to perfect your form to get the most out of each exercise.



Rehabilitation Specialists

For those who want to become healthier and stronger or even more flexible our highly qualified Rehabilitation Specialists will motivate you to reach your goals. They will focus on exercise and nutrition and for those who have been treated by our therapists they will also have access to your notes (with your consent) to ensure they are working on the areas that require developing after injury as well as preventing further injury in the future. 

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