This FREE Course Allows You To Gain A Better Understanding Of Your Back Pain And The Best Ways To Manage Your Symptoms In Just 5 Days!

Meet Your New Osteopathy Health Coach……

Dianne Jokene (M.Ost)

If you’re serious about living a life without pain, restrictions or those sleepless nights, there’s nobody on the planet better to teach you than Dianne.

With over 10 years in the Healthcare Industry, Dianne transferred her practice online when she realised she could offer a much more integrative and personalized approach to managing clients symptoms. She became frustrated with the practice model of booking patients in for 30 minute appointments once a week; which meant there was a limited time for her to really educate and advise on their condition and the best self-management techniques. 

Since starting her Online Program, Dianne has been able to help a range of back pain sufferers, from different walks of life, on her own terms by creating an in-depth program to speed up the recovery process.

Dianne is passionate about giving clients the tools to manage and treat their condition independently at home, with her guidance and coaching programs, without being reliant on weekly clinic appointments.

In her Free 5-Day Back Pain Course, Dianne shows you EXACTLY what you need to know to start managing your symptoms and eliminating your back pain once and for all.

(Yes, you read that correctly…..the 5-Day Course is FREE)

Inside the 5-Day Back Course, You'll Learn:


Day 1: Understanding Your Back Pain

First thing is first, Dianne is going to coach you through back pain and the most common causes. You will also be guided through risk factors and predisposing factors that make an individual more at risk to develop back pain. She will also go through things to do right now to alleviate your symptoms.


Day 2: Most Common Mistakes To Avoid

Once you have understood your back pain, Dianne provides you with a cohesive list of common mistakes to avoid. These mistakes are often what aggravates the back and makes your symptoms 10x worse – so it’s a handy list to memorize.


Day 3: When Is Back Pain Considered An Emergency?

A thorough guide in what signs and symptoms are considered a Medical Emergency. Dianne explains the serious Back Conditions that require IMMEDIATE ACTION.

Day 4: Posture And How It Can Affect Your Back

Dianne teaches the basics regarding posture and how to determine what posture you have. She explains how bad posture can negatively impact your back and gives you a tip on how to improve your body positioning.

Day 5: When Is Back Pain Considered An Emergency?

Congratulations! You have reached the end of the course. Before we send you off, Dianne gives you some final advice on the most helpful exercises to reduce pain and inflammation in your back. We even offer you a free consultation call (normally £250 per hour) with one of our coaches to identify other ways we can help you achieve complete recovery.

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