Online Back Pain Program with a dedicated Osteopath to help you achieve complete mobility and relief of symptoms

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End the cycle of weekly appointments

Exhausted all avenues of treatment? Spent an obscene amount of time and money trying to get rid of your back pain with little change?

Tired of being overlooked or not taking seriously?

Had scans and now surgery is being mentioned? 

If this sounds familiar and you are trapped in the never-ending cycle of treatments with no results, then this online program is designed for you.


End Physical Limitations

Tired of not being able to do the sport or activity you enjoy?

Fed up of not being able to lift your kids due to pain?

The stiffness and limitations you experience on a daily experience making you feel 20 years older?


Wouldn’t it be great if a Back Pain Expert were able to guide you online through the techniques you need to perform to end all physical limitations and improving your quality of life?


Take control and start solving your back pain now with our guidance!

Live a pain-free life

Many individuals are told to just accept a life with back pain.

This is unacceptable. 

Everyone should be able to live their best lives without pain and restrictions holding them back and we are passionate in helping you achieve that goal.


We work on addressing the root of your problem and getting your life back in the most natural holistic way possible. That means no exhaustive lists of medications to take the edge of the pain.


The only thing we ask is that you stay committed in achieving your goal!

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Beating Back Pain is a Process

It is important that you understand the cause of your back pain before we begin the process of eliminating it all together.

At the Holistic Rehab Clinic, our main principle is to look at the body as one unit instead of different regions and parts. This way we are able to combine our thorough diagnostic skills and assessment to clearly identify the reason your back is causing you trouble. 

We will educate you on the relationship between the segments of your body so we can address issues systematically throughout.


Our unique methodology and program equips you with everything needed to gain independence and mobility with the understanding as to why each milestone is being made. 


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Therapies & Services

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Home Services

Ideal for those who prefer not to travel to the clinic.

Our Consultant Therapists can visit you at your home/hotel or office to provide you with treatment.

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International Services

Sustained an injury whilst away on business or vacation;

Live abroad and require a reputable therapist to assist you to recover?

We offer international treatment programs.

Boost Your Health & Wellbeing

Providing small and large companies with onsite therapy as well as desk assessments and health advice to reduce absenteeism at work.


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